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Creditworthiness: Check and Trust


19 сентября


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Время проведения: с 15:30 до 16:30

Creditworthiness: Check and Trust
Целевая аудитория
CEO, CFO, Business Owners, Credit, Treasury and Sales Managers
Содержание лекции

Credit Risk doesn't seem too important until something goes wrong. We find a customer who likes our product and start dealing. Cooperation seems profitable and very promising. But...One day they don't pay on time. Then, they delay payments regularly. And finally they file for bankruptcy. No cash, no profit, no sales.


Thousands of similar cases take place every year, leaving billions of unpaid obligations. We may require Cash-In-Advance or Collateral from everyone. Very good if we can afford it. However, what if it cuts our sales volumes, turnover and market share? Would it be better than bad debts?


Although it seems hopeless, the way out is quite simple. All we have to know the amount of money we can trust to every our client. In other words, we need to carefully evaluate and constantly monitor their creditworthiness.


I spent many years, taking credit decision and supporting growth of companies. Let me share with you my knowledge and experience. Gifts for every participant in the end! Look froward seeing you and your difficult questions!

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