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How to get credit from a supplier


17 октября


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Время проведения: с 15:30 до 16:30

How to get credit from a supplier
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top managers, financiers, accountants, procurement and supply specialists
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Getting financing was never an easy task to do.

And the harder the times the more difficult it becomes.

Owners are more likely to take away their capital rather than invest it.

Bankers ask for more collateral and higher interest rates.


Suppliers may keen to tighten up their terms.

But, by contrast to others, they also want to sell.

Moreover, they also interested in maintaining good relations with customers.

And finally, they provide financing without collateral and interest.


Suppliers could be an extremely useful source of financing. On our next webinar we will share some tips and tricks on how to get credit terms or extend existing ones with your suppliers.


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